According to the NSSF’s Hunting in America, in 2011

The overall hunting industry brought in more revenue than Google or Goldman Sachs Group.

How does this impact your bottom line?

If your work day entails managing land, guiding hunts, furthering wildlife research, promoting conservation, or all of the above—how much time do you really have to market your brand in print and on today's web?



You need a partner who knows your industry, understands your audience and can create a unique strategy for your goals.

is a creative strategist for businesses focused on hunting, wildlife and conservation.

Wingshot Design helps you reach your market and engage with your client.

More than a creative strategist, I’m a hunter and conservationist, so I’m also your target audience. At the end of the day, my clients gain the assurance that I’m creating a unique experience their audience will remember, feel confident about and be proud to share with others.

Ready to see how Wingshot Design can help you?



your visitors

With proven design strategy and user experience


— instead of —


blind guesses in your DIY site builder.


your message

With a branding identity that will—

  • support your goals
  • distinguish you in the outdoors industry


your audience

With confidence and purpose.


Whether through your website, social media, tradeshows or direct mail.