“You never know what’s going to happen outdoors, for nature is more surprising than a woman.”

Havilah Babcock

But when it comes to trusting your business with Wingshot Design, you can be sure you’ll know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, every step of the way.

Here’s how we make that happen in the outdoors industry—operating honestly, knowing our business inside and out, making connections with our clients, and ending deals on a handshake.


Wingshot Design supports these same ideals, and makes it easy for you to continue marketing your business long after that handshake.

Here's what you can expect with my process:

We’ll briefly talk through your goals and objectives, then discuss what a working partnership would look like. If it sounds good for both of us, we’ll set a time to begin Scout and Strategy.


I will take everything we’ve discussed up to this point, along with any additional research and experience, and design the items you need to represent, support and position your business.


Together, we’ll review the completed Design. I’ll provide you with a written presentation explaining my approach and design reasoning. If there are edits to be made, we’ll note these together so that I can complete them after our review.

Review & Edits

Think of step two like you would any good scout session before a hunt—to predict and pattern everything you can to increase your chance of success.


With that in mind, we’ll discuss your business, your customers, your competitors and your place in the industry. We’ll also review what content you have readily available for this project—copy, imagery, quotes, results, etc…and then strategize the best way to move forward.


Whether you’re looking to produce a print brochure, have a new identity designed or website developed, we can’t overlook a few great scouting sessions.

Scout & Strategy

After final approval of the completed Design, I’ll deliver final files to you and / or directly for production, at your instruction.


Based on our joint discussions, I’ll prepare a proposal outlining how we’re going to move forward, what you can expect to receive and when, how much it will cost, and when payments will be due. You’ll receive an invoice for the initial deposit.

Proposal & Agreement

By taking the time to understand how to give customers what they want and need

together we’ll create an experience where people will feel confident about buying from you

(and recommending you to people they know).