“A good many sportsmen find their game by going out and looking for it; others depend to some degree on the intelligence brought to them by friendly natives.”

Archibald Rutledge

You want a creative solution that will support your business, not an off-the-shelf package.

Let Wingshot Design be your guide.

About Sarah Nell Blackwell

I’ve been hunting and involved in the outdoors for over half my life, and I bring to the sport a  respect and sincere knowledge that tends to surprise, but quickly reassure, those I meet. I personally prefer wing shooting—ducks, geese, pheasant, quail, dove, and turkey—but I work with the industry as a whole. I believe in preserving and preserving well.


And as a tenth-generation native of the state of South Carolina, I offer a wealth of regional knowledge, understanding and connections—and the kind of integrity and authenticity you’d expect to get around here.


My husband and I live a stone’s throw from the Cooper River that keeps us easily connected to the great Santee Cooper country of Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion and down to the Charleston Harbor. We have a black Lab, Moultrie and a Boykin Spaniel, Samson.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Because these things are important to me—and because I think they’re probably important to you, too.


The short version? I’m an experienced and driven creative strategist who thrives while working with the outdoors industry that I love.


If that sounds like “your kind of people,” I invite you to contact me to see if working together would make sense.